Toxicity on healthy Tissues

Neolys Diagnostics propose a global solutions for a better management of the patient toxicity risk, based on 3 key steps : Detect, Diagnose, Decide.

RadioDtect™ - The screening test

Fast, Simple and Cost Effective, the Screening test, is designed to be performed systematically for every patient in any medical lab in hours. Still under development to obtain CE marking, this test is a significant breaktrhough for the patients and their physicians. A single drop of blood will be enough to identify patient with high probability of radiotoxicity from patient rather resistant to treatment.

Open to Industrial Partnership to foster development.

Industrial objective : Maximizing cost-effectiveness*. We aim to be a key information for decision in patient path strategy.

RadioProfile™ - The complete test

In depth analysis, this high performance test is designed for patients where specific analysis is required. This test has shown a predictive concordance of 86% in CTCAE toxicity grade (Granzotto and Al ,2016 IJROBP). This test is to be performed in Expert Labs partnering with Neolys Diagnostic.

Industrial objective : Maximizing performance.

DSS (Decision Support System)

Decision Support System :Toxicities are due to the combination of 3 parameters :

  • Effective dose received by the cells,
  • Environment of those cells due to patient history,
  • Individual radiosensitivity

Neolys Diagnostics is developing with partners a software to combine all those information and help clinician taking the best strategic option for the patient.

Predicting Tumour Response

RadioProfile™ prediction performances are being evaluated in 2 prospective clinical trials on Sarcoma, Head & Neck, Colon and Oesophagus Cancer. Market Access is planned for 2019.


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Our Technology

Our technology is the result of over ten years of research by the Radiobiology Group. Their work on individual sensitivity have allowed to set up predictive tests. This technology offers a promissing solution, optimizing the efficiency of radiotherapy treatments and preventing toxicity at the same time.

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