Neolys Diagnostics has been founded April 2014. It has been honoured with several prizes and supported by numerous investors/institutions.


Our market is made of radio-oncologists, surgeons, clinicians who prescribe radiosensitivity tests, in order to optimize treatments strategy for every patient where radiotherapy might be considered. 

Every year in France, 380 000 news patients are taken care of for a cancer. Approximately 170 000 were treated by radiotherapy in France, 1,3 million at the level of the European Union and 820 000 in the USA in 2012. Half of these radiotherapies were prescribed for breast or prostate cancer. 

In addition, oncologists consider that over 40% of cancers are only cured by a radiotherapy, or associated to other treatments. So, this represents over 2,1M radiotherapies in Europe and the US in 2012. 

The SFRO (French Society of Radio-Oncology) estimates that the cancers rate will increase within the ten coming years. This will impact on the needs for radiotherapy, qualitatively and quantitatively. As a reminder, 10 to 20 % of these patients show serious tissue side-effects from the post-treatment radiosensitivity 

Today, Neolys Diagnostics focuses on 2 major indications : 

- Prostate cancer (1.1 Million new cases worldwide every year) for a sound impact on quality of life for patient post treatment for the 20% patients experiencing severe toxicity

- Head&Neck cancer (600 000 new cases worldwide every year) to improve patient outcome while limitating side effects for the 50% patients experiencing severe toxicity


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Our Technology

Our technology is the result of over ten years of research by the Radiobiology Group. Their work on individual sensitivity have allowed to set up predictive tests. This technology offers a promissing solution, optimizing the efficiency of radiotherapy treatments and preventing toxicity at the same time.

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