Neolys Diagnostics is a biological analysis society, based in Lyon (France). It proposes a real decision-making tool to the radiation oncologists, allowing them to adapt treatment to the individual radiosensitivity of the patient, in order to reduce side effects, while optimizing the treatment efficiency.

Dedicated to bringing precision medicine in radiotherapy, Neolys Diagnostics, a Lyon (France) based company, develops innovative and efficient solutions to improve patients’ outcome and treatments,. It proposes efficient solutions for decision-making tool to radiation oncologists, allowing them to adapt treatment as per radiosensitivity of individual patient. This helps in reducing side effects while optimizing the treatment efficiency.    

This disruptive innovation relies on individual radiosensitivity researches carried-out by the Radiobiology Group of the CRCL (UMR1052). 

Neolys Diagnostics founders are glad to introduce you to the elements of this ambitious project. 


Gilles Devillers, Nicolas Foray, Julien Gillet-Daubin

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Our Technology

Our technology is the result of over ten years of research by the Radiobiology Group. Their work on individual sensitivity have allowed to set up predictive tests. This technology offers a promissing solution, optimizing the efficiency of radiotherapy treatments and preventing toxicity at the same time.

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